Achilles: Assassin

al-Azm, As’ad Pasha: Ottoman governor, d. 1758

Amherst, Jeffrey: British commander, 1717-97

Barrett, Tom: youngest son of the Barretts

The Barretts: neighbors to the Kenways

Betty: nursemaid, assistant to Edith

Birch, Reginald: senior property manager for Edward Kenway

Braddock, Edward: British soldier, 1695-1755

Church, Benjamin: doctor, 1734-78

Connor: Assassin

Cutter: torturer

Miss Davy: Tessa Kenway’s lady’s maid

The Dawsons: neighbors to the Kenways

Digweed, Jack: Edward Kenway’s gentleman

Douglass, Cornelius and Catherine Kerr: owners of the Green Dragon

Edith: nursemaid

Emily: chambermaid

Fairweather, James: ship passenger

Mr. Fayling: tutor

Harrison, John: Knight of the Order

Hickey, Thomas: associate of William Johnson’s, d. 1776

Holden, Jim: soldier and Haytham’s gentleman

Johnson, William: official, 1715-74

Kaniehti: io (also Ziio):Mohawk woman

Kenway, Edward: Haytham’s father

Kenway, Haytham: writer of these journals

Kenway, Jenny: Haytham’s sister

Kenway, Tessa nee Stephenson-Oakley: Haytham’s mother

Lee, Charles: soldier, 1732-82

Pasha, Raghib: grand vizier in Istanbul

Pitcairn, John: soldier, 1722-75

Scott, Caroline: Jenny’s mother

Mrs. Searle: the Kenway’s housekeeper

Mr. Simpkin: estate executor

Slater: Braddock’s lieutenant

Thatcher, Silas: slaver

Twitch: informant

Varela: Spanish cheesemaker

Vedomir, Juan: Spanish investor

Violet: neighbor

Washington, George: soldier, later commander in chief of the Continental Army, 1732-99