The book contains historical and scientific analysis of new discoveries in genetics, their impact on theory of evolution and medicine. The main attention is given to drastic changes on eukaryotic genome organization and hereditary variation since last 15–20 years.

There were detailly overviewed series of unpredictable discoveries that gave birth to the conception of dynamic genome. The new conceptual approach to the description of eukaryotic hereditary system is presented, so called obligate — facultative principle in organization and function of hereditary system. The set of postulates of both classical and modern mobile genetics is compared. It was shown the great importance of different forms of noncanonical, non-mendelian hereditary changes for theory and practice of medicine.

The book is orientated on biologists, medical geneticists and students interested in history and essence of current genetics.

Reviewers: Professors Ya. M. Gall and A. L. Yudin