The translator and compiler of this book would like to express his sincere gratitude to all who in various ways assisted in the preparation of the book for publication. He is deeply indebted to:

Sri V. S. Ramanan, President Sri Ramanasramam — for his Preface, and for permission to use the photos of Ashram's Photo-archive;

Sri V. S. Mani, Administrator of Sri Ramanasramam — for his constant concern and attention to the compiler-translator's needs and for providing ideal working and living conditions in Ashram;

Sri V. Ganesan, former Editor of the semi-annual journal of Sri Ramanasramam, The Mountain Path — for his warm attention and support;

Sri Dev Gogoi, Photo-archivist, Sri Ramanasramam — for his help in selection of photos and collaboration in preparing the design of this book;

Mr. Graham Boyd, company IRAS, Scarborough, England, Ramana devotee — for his kind granting of cover's design;

Joan & Mattew Greenblatt, USA, the compilers of the ,,Bhagavan Sri Ramana. A Pictorial Biography” — for permission to use its materials;

Maria A. Kuzmenko, literary editor — for her careful and unselfish labour;

Alexander V. Starynin, publisher of spiritual literature — for his sympathy and professionalism;

Vladimir I. Tanklevsky, whose friendly support has enabled the preparation and publication of this book;

His family — beloved wife and children — for their sacrifices and infinite patience...

Oleg Mogilever